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"The steps of the godly are directed by the Lord. He delights in every detail of their lives."  Psalm 27:23 

The Promised Land: Discovering God's Vision for You

Some of the benefits and challenges of living in the 21st century are the unlimited number of possibilities. More choices and opportunities are available than in any previous generation. One would think this would make life easier, but in reality life has become more confusing. 

Living by your design (gifts, talents, etc.) helps narrow your choices. Knowing your life mission, or charter, brings increased purpose and meaning to your daily life.  However, there are still many different things you can do, directions you can go and lands in which you can serve and reside while you live out God’s mission for you.  

To give your life not only purpose, but direction, this workshop focuses on helping you discover clues God has revealed to you, discerning the desires of your heart to discover God’s best “land” for you.  These discoveries are integrated with the insights gathered from prior workshops to help you clear the fog and picture a vivid, vibrant life vision – your very own Promised Land!  

"You chart the path ahead of me and tell me where to stop and rest. Every moment you know where I am. You both precede and follow me." Ps 139:3, 5

The purpose of this workshop is:

To help you discern and envision how God could use your unique design, purpose and desires to live an abundant life that glorifies Him and makes an eternal difference in your lifetime.

You will leave clear about:

  • The connection between your design, purpose and desires

  • The hidden clues concerning God’s vision for you

  • The influences that have shaped your dreams and desires

  • The dreams and underlying desires in each area of your life

  • The spiritual significance of your dreams and desires

You will see…

  • why God wants to fulfill your dreams and deepest desires

  • why vision is a matter of life or death

  • how all people have, but need clarity of, vision

  • the difference between Godly vision and worldly vision

  • the pitfalls of visionless living vs. God’s call to victorious, visionary living

  • the correlation of the Old Testament, New Testament & eternal promised lands

 You will be equipped to…

  • discern between true and false desires

  • focus your life around your design, mission & vision

  • make decisions that take you closer to God’s purpose & plan for your life

  • understand and know how to respond to others reactions and resistance to your vision

  • live a visionary life that glorifies God and inspires others to take action

 You will leave with…

  • your personal vision – a clear mental picture of your preferred future, that could be and should be

  • an updated “Life Map,” summarizing clues you discovered about God’s purpose and direction for your life

  • “MAP” (My Action Plan) including your first steps and travel tips for living your vision

  • a renewed confidence in God and his purpose and plan for you

Your materials include…

  • The Promised Land workbook

  • Dare to Desire: An Invitation to Fulfill Your Deepest Desires by John Eldridge

  • "Affirming the Will of God," a mini-book by Paul E. Little

Prior to the workshop…

A prework packet will be sent to you to prepare you for the workshop and maximize your learning experience.  You will reflect on scriptures related to the “promised land” in a heartfelt letter of prayer.  You will also read a small gift book and complete reflective worksheets to draw out influences on your dreams and desires of your heart. You will apply what you learn from your prework throughout the workshop.

Testimonies from Travelers:  As a result of attending this workshop…  

"...I own my vision and know what it is!  I have moved from dreaming about my vision to moving forward in God's vision for me… I continue to reap benefits mentally and spiritually from my mission statement and vision.  Instead of fighting being a pastor, I can pursue ministry and pastoring with passion.  Thanks for your part in all of this.

Pastor Don Moore, Sierra Vista Covenant Church


"...I have the assurance that my desire to write is also a God given talent.  With God's help I will write novels that glorify God." 

Elaine Carpenter, Granite Bay, CA


"...I am released from the bondage of today.  I am alive for tomorrow and the prospects that Christ has before me.  This has been a powerful way of putting legs to my mission statement, 'to build, touch & volunteer through a lifestyle of giving to and for the forgotten."

Chris Davis, Architect, Sacramento, CA


"...“I have learned that God does have a specific plan for me.  That He will show me specifically what it is, give me the necessary tools I need to follow it and it will be good!" 

Theresa Ures, Bayside Covenant Church


"...I have a starting place to pray and seek further clarification, affirmation and direction from God… Fun and enjoyed the interactiveness!”

Esther Aw, Financial Advisor, Eagle Strategies


"...I have reevaluated my vision statement.  It was good to continue to process these ideas and to have a safe environment to do that in. I love coming to these workshops, because it helps me to think on a deeper level about my life.”

Sarah Doty, ESL Instructor, Los Rios Community College District




"Trust in the Lord and do good.  Then you will live safely in the land and prosper. Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart's desires." Psalm 37:3-4


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