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"Port of Entry" Introductory Tours

Would you like to learn more about Mission of Grace Foundation (MGF), in a relaxed, environment, with no strings attached?  If so, come join us for a free 1-hour "Port of Entry"  tour in the MGF "harbor."  You will be introduced to our past journeys, present adventures and future endeavors by "Captain" Carol Davis, MGF's founder and Executive Director.  In addition, previous "travelers" will be present to share about their journeys with MGF. 

Please contact us to check availability and make your reservation!



"The Exodus Project"

 In California, approximately 134,000 prisoners exit prison each year, of which two-thirds will return to prison within three years.  In 2008 we began participating in a special project at the California State Prison, Solano working with men inmates who will be released back into society within the next year or two.  As part of their pre-release program, we are assisting in facilitating Rick Warren's 40 Days of Purpose program, which is then followed by our Passport to Purpose (aka Journey Series) curriculum.  Our goal is to help as many men as possible find clarity of God's purpose and direction for their lives, so they leave prison with a clear vision and plan of action as they re-enter society.

This project is being coordinated by Pastor Tim May of Ebenezer Outreach Ministries (www.ebrock.org) as part of the faith-based portion of the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) "Solano Demonstration Project," which came out of Governor Schwarzenegger's Rehabilitation Strike Team.  To view a short video about the overall project also known as "Pathways to Rehabilitation," go to the September 4, 2008 CDCR press release at http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/News/2008_Press_Releases/Sept_4.html

If you would like to learn more about this exciting project, please contact Carol Davis at 1.877.GRACE2U.

Passport to Purpose/The Journey Workshops

At this time, general public workshops are not being offered due to the present focus on The Exodus Project.  If you would like to be placed on a wait list or if you have interest in participating in the workshops through The Exodus Project, please contact us

 Volunteers In Prison (VIP) Training

On a quarterly basis, we offer training sessions for potential prison volunteers to come learn about Sacramento and Solano County volunteer opportunities with a variety of prison and re-entry ministries, including Mission of Grace.  These events are hosted by Prison Fellowship and the Second Wind network and are wonderful occasions to hear life changing stories from those volunteering, as well as from "Post Crime Achievers" (ex-felons) who saw God work in their lives through volunteers during their time of incarceration.  If you are looking to be inspired or for information on how to possibly get involved, this is the gathering for you! 

Please contact us for the next scheduled VIP event..